Ashlyn Hickey (2)

Ashlyn Hickey (2)

Girls Lacrosse: Dominion for Three

The Titans win their third straight Class 4 State Championship with a confident, controlled, and decisive win over Western Albemarle  >>>

Boys Lacrosse: Raiders Too Much for Titans

Attempting to defend their 2021 Class 4 State Championship, Dominion fell to a superb and impressive Atlee attack.  >>>

Girls Soccer: Spartans Advance to Title Game

Broad Run dispatches a tough Atlee side with a convincing 3-0 win, advancing to the Class 4 state championship.  >>>

Girls Soccer: Tuscarora Gets the Goal They Needed

Sophia Kistner finishes a second half corner kick to catapult the Huskies to the Class 4 title game.  >>>

Event Coverage (06.06 - 06.11)

2022.06.07 Boys Lacrosse: Class 4 Semifinal  >>>
2022.06.10 Girls Soccer: Class 4 Semifinal (Tuscarora)  >>>
2022.06.10 Girls Soccer: Class 4 Semifinal (Broad Run)  >>>

2022.06.11 Boys Lacrosse: Class 4 Championship (Atlee)   >>>
2022.06.11 Girls Lacrosse: Class 4 Championship (Dominion)   >>>

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