2023.05.25 Boys Soccer: Dulles District Championship, Tuscarora @ Loudoun County

Leesburg, VA (May 25, 2023) - The previous meeting between the Loudoun County Captains and the Tuscarora Huskies was an instant classic with the Captains scoring a late goal to capture the win and propel them to the top spot in the district, a position they never relinquished as the regular season ended. Since then, the Huskies' road has been a little bumpy, but they earned their spot in the championship game with a win over a tough Park View squad.

Chas Sumser Photography was there to capture the action and emotion and posted a gallery of images from the game.

In the first meeting, the Captains played a more structured and organized game than the Huskies. Tuscarora seemed content to loft searching balls to their forwards while Loudoun County played a more conservative style with succinct interior passing at the midfield before taking a chance at a through ball.

But this time, both teams had elevated their play to a more seasoned level that comes as a result of a full slate of district games. From front to back there were no cracks for either team to exploit, and, for the entirety of the first half, neither team developed threatening chances. Rock solid defense on both ends was the main factor led by Diego Avelar on the Tuscarora side and Landon Rahim for the Captains.

As the second half began, the field tilted County's way. Tuscarora keeper Miguel Soriano Fuentes had to fend off several shots from inside the penalty area and made a leaping save of a free kick that was headed for the upper right corner of his goal.

In the 50th minute, the Captains lined up for a direct kick from forty yards out. Sensing that a single goal would be the difference in the match, County packed the Huskies' penalty area and brought their defense forward to keep the play in the Tuscarora end. But Soriano came through with a big deflection, giving County a corner kick from the left side. With everyone still forward, and with plenty of height to employ, again the Captains remained on the attack.

But Avelar cleared the corner kick from danger, and his headed ball found William Menjivar already streaking up the left side. With much of the Captains' defense pushed forward, Menjivar found a relatively open lane and sped up the sideline right in front of his roaring team bench and the excited Tuscarora crowd.

Decisively, County keeper Luke Morrison charged out of his net to try to tackle the speedy Huskies' attacker, but his slide at the top of the penalty area was fruitless as Menjivar pushed the ball passed Morrison's outstretched arms and into the Captains' net for a 1-0 Tuscarora lead. With about thirty minutes remaining, a highlight reel goal, for sure. 

The remainder of the second half was pure intensity as the Captains, now sensing the championship was at risk, went all out for goal. But they were stymied the rest of the way by Soriano and the Tuscarora defense, who remained compact and coordinated despite intense pressure from the County attack.

Both teams now head to the Region 4C tournament, with Tuscarora hosting Fauquier at home as a reward for winning the Dulles District title. Loudoun County will be on the road at Handley for the first round.

Final Score: Tuscarora 1 - Loudoun County 0

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