2022.10.06 Field Hockey: Dominion @ Rock Ridge

Ashburn, VA (October 6, 2022) - As the season winds into its last two weeks, the Dominion Titans have a lot to play for. While they sport an overall .500 record, their Dulles District record has been stellar at 4-1. In fact, depending on how the games go tonight they could find themselves in a tie for first place.

On the home side, the Rock Ridge Phoenix are scuffling through a season of few wins. Remarkably, and this is a credit to coaches and players, they play with an undiminished spirit marked by consistent effort in each game, from beginning to end.

Chas Sumser Photography was there to capture the action and emotion and posted a gallery of images from the game.

With so much to play for, the Titans came out firing fast and hard. Within the first five minutes of the first quarter Brooke Frishman had scored three times and Erin Earley added another. In a show of outstanding sportsmanship--and also as a way to get playing time for everyone--Dominion began substituting liberally and removed much of its high-powered offense for the remainder of the half. Even during the scoring blitz, Phoenix defender Alyssa Yoon had an outstanding first half.

The early Dominion lineup changes gave Rock Ridge a chance to get out of their own end, but the strong Titan defense made deep penetration almost impossible. The Phoenix was able to move the balance of play toward midfield and limit opposing goal-scoring opportunities, but they never really threatened the Dominion goal, and the halftime scoreboard remained at 4-0.

To open the second half, the Titan lineup was shuffled again and their reignited offense bore down on Rock Ridge goalie Nuha Najmuddin. Goals from Maddie Platko and Cate Kriesel came early and in quick succession, but the Phoenix defense did just enough to prevent any further scoring. By rule, a six-goal margin at the end of the third period means a fourth is unnecessary. And that's the way it was.

Final Score: Dominion 6 - Rock Ridge 0

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