2022.05.10 Boys Lacrosse: Riverside @ Woodgrove

Purcellville, VA (May 10, 2022) - On the surface, the Woodgrove Wolverines and the Riverside Rams seemed somewhat close in terms of standings. With just a week left in the regular season, the Rams led the Potomac District with a 3-0 record while the Wolverines were right behind at 2-1. Perhaps the overall records (11-1 and 5-7, respectively) were a bit more telling, but it looked like Riverside's visit to Purcellville might have some competitive interest.

Chas Sumser Photography was there to capture the action and emotion and posted a gallery of images from the game.

Uh, well, maybe not.

Just five minutes after the National Anthem, the Rams had a 4-0 lead including two from James Gartland. While allowing a late goal to Woodgrove's Logan Yost, the first quarter ended with the Rams firmly in front with a commanding 8-1 lead.

Riverside played with precision, and Woodgrove was simply no match on this night. After each goal, the Rams had nearly perfect control of the face-offs so their defense was hardly challenged, and the attack tallied seven more goals by halftime. Leading 15-1 meant that the game would be sped up with a running clock as long as Riverside held at least a ten-goal lead.

Perhaps the most devastating Rams' goal came when long stick defender Alex Tarquinio stole the ball deep in the Rams end, raced the length of the field, and scored shortly before halftime--a perfect example of Riverside's grip on the game.

In the second half, Riverside began to substitute liberally, slowing their scoring pace yet giving opportunities to their whole bench. While Gartland led the way with five goals for the game--and Cole Jones contributed three--a total of twelve players found the back of the net for the Rams. Woodgrove would score two late goals to give the hosts a bit of consolation and a small amount of momentum to build on for the playoffs.    

Final Score: Riverside 21 - Woodgrove 3 

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