2021.10.16 Cross Country: Third Battle Invitational

Winchester, VA (October 16, 2021) - Overcast skies, cooler temperatures, and periodic drizzle are not the best conditions for spectators, but they are great for runners. And that was the case as forty-five teams participated in the Third Battle Invitational cross country races (four for JV and two for Varsity). With regional and state level competitions just around the corner, the meet represented one of the few remaining chances to tune up for the big events, and on this fast course a chance for personal bests.

Chas Sumser Photography was out on the course to capture the action and emotion and posted a gallery of images from the meet.

Top 10 LCPS Team Finishers

JV Underclass Girls:  4. Woodgrove; 5. Tuscarora; 6. Loudoun Valley; 9. Independence; 10. Loudoun County

JV Underclass Boys:  3. Loudoun Valley; 7. Heritage; 8. Woodgrove; 9. Stone Bridge

JV Upperclass Girls:  3. Riverside; 6. Tuscarora; 7. Dominion; 10. Loudoun County

JV Upperclass Boys:  6. Independence; 7. Loudoun Valley; 9. Dominion; 10. Stone Bridge

Varsity Girls:  2. Loudoun Valley; 3. Tuscarora; 6. Lightridge

Varsity Boys:  2. Loudoun Valley; 8. Tuscarora

Top 10 LCPS Individual Finishers

JV Underclass Girls:  8. Ella Williamson (Riverside)

JV Underclass Boys:  1. Ty Blair (Loudoun Valley); 10. Dylan Keyser (Heritage)

JV Upperclass Girls:  6. Katherine Slovak (Loudoun Valley); 9. Charlotte Hasselbrock (Tuscarora)

JV Upperclass Boys:  9. Braden Sheehan (Loudoun Valley)

Varsity Girls:  1. Ava Gordon (Loudoun Valley); 6. Scarlet Fetterolf (Loudoun Valley)

Varsity Boys:  1. Graham Mussmon (Loudoun Valley); 3. Amir Aougab (Dominion); 4. Hudson Barth (Potomac Falls); 6. Ethan Stansbury (Loudoun County); 9. Zach Mitchell (Briar Woods)

Photos by Race

JV Underclass Girls
JV Underclass Boys
JV Upperclass Girls
JV Upperclass Boys
Varsity Girls
Varsity Boys

Photos by LCPS High School

Briar Woods
Broad Run
Loudoun County
Loudoun Valley
Park View
Potomac Falls
Rock Ridge
Stone Bridge

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