Leesburg, VA (September 10, 2021) - Before the game started, it seemed like old times. The challenging pandemic precautions that left the stands empty for last year's shortened season, were replaced with a mass of gold-clad, wildly excited students and a palpable sense of freedom.

But even with all of the excitement surrounding their first home game as the Captains, Loudoun County still had a worthy opponent across the field in the Potomac Falls Panthers, and they were ready to play.

Chas Sumser Photography was there to capture the action and emotion and posted a gallery of images from the game.

On their first three drives of the first quarter, County drove deep into Potomac Falls territory, but the Panther defense held and only allowed two field goals, giving the Captains a 6-0 lead.

In the last minute of the period, Potomac Falls had the ball on their own 22 yard-line. Unable to do anything on their early possessions, they stunned the Loudoun County crowd with a 78-yard touchdown pass to end the quarter with a 7-6 lead.

The Panthers probably wish the game had ended right there because they weren't ready for what came next. The second quarter was all County, all the time. Big offensive plays--and even bigger defensive plays--resulted in three turnovers and four touchdowns. The Captains moved the ball at will, and the defense rattled the Panthers offense into mistakes and little success. At halftime, as the band ran on to the field, the Captains ran off with a 33-7 lead.

Although they only scored ten points in the third quarter, it was more of the same for the Captains. Again, the County office was ferocious, but the Potomac Falls defense held up better. The Panther offense had its moments, but they were forced to pass to try to get back into the game and the Captains collected two more interceptions to end any chance Potomac Falls had of closing the gap.

There was one last Captain touchdown in the fourth quarter, and cheers of "it's great to be     a Captain" were true indeed as the final whistle blew.   

Final Score: Loudoun County 50 - Potomac Falls 7

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