Leesburg, VA (September 14, 2019) - For some, overcast skies and somewhat cool and damp conditions would not be welcome. For cross country runners, that kind of weather is nearly perfect. And that's the way it broke for the huge field of competitors on the outstanding Oatlands course.

Chas Sumser Photography was there to capture the action and emotion and posted a gallery of images from the meet. The majority of the photos were taken well away from the crowds--and sometimes deep in the woods--for a unique perspective on athletic performance.

Photos by School:

Briar Woods | Dominion | Freedom | Heritage | Independence | John Champe | Loudoun County | Loudoun Valley | Park View | Potomac Falls | Riverside | Rock Ridge | Stone Bridge | Tuscarora | Woodgrove

Photos by Level:

Varsity Girls | Varsity Boys | JV Girls | JV Boys

Loudoun County Public HIgh Schools Top 10 Finishers:

Varsity A Girls: 1. Bethany Graham (JC); 8. Ricky Fetterolf (LV);  9. Ava Gordon (LV)

Varsity A Boys: 1. Kellen Hsle (LV); 5. Kevin Carlson (LV); 7. Tristan Brodie (SB); 9. Yakob Kelley (LV); 10. Matthew Smith (LV) 

Varsity B Girls: 2. Leah Snyder (LV); 3. Ceceli Fetterolf (LV); 5. Amelia Abbe (LV)

Varsity B Boys: 1. Graham Mussmon (LV); 5. Truman Abbe (LV); 9. Benjamin Moseman (LV)

JR/SR JV Girls: 2. Jordan Campbell (LV); 6. Jordan Sheldon (LV); 7. Sophia Cevenini (TU)

JR/SR JV Boys: 1. Essa Elhaij (LV); 3. Ryan French (LV); 6. Connor Mack (LV); 7. Ryan Dehler (LV); 8. Lukas Clites (LV)

FR/SO JV Girls: 1. Scarlet Fetterolf (LV); 2. Samantha Bolen (LV); 4. Ellen Sanders (LC); 6. Kaitlyn Nimmer (IN)

FR/SO JV Boys: 1. Jake Rimmel (LV);

Use the search box below to find photos for each LCPS school or for each race. For example, search on "Varsity A Girls" or "JR/SR JV Boys." More results available on milestat.com.

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