Sterling, VA (May 30, 2019) - Anyone who witnessed the Dulles District tournament championship a week ago saw a tough, taut, tense battle between two superbly matched teams, the Park View Patriots and the Loudoun Valley Vikings. That the game ended suddenly due to a violent collision resulting in serious injury did not take away from how well-played the game had been. The match ended at 2-2 with no apparent daylight between the two teams.

And that game set up this rematch for the 2019 Region 4C championship. The Patriots would again host the Vikings to see if a true champion would arise.

Chas Sumser Photography was there to capture the action and emotion and posted a gallery of images from the game.

It only took twelve minutes to find out.

When Elton Quintanilla deftly slotted the ball past Viking keeper Tanner Newport to make it 3-0, the game was essentially over. It was clear that the Patriots had figured out how to beat the Loudoun Valley offsides trap, and they exploited it quickly and with precision. By the time the visitors adjusted it was simply too late.

Surprisingly, given the more moderate pace of the previous game, Patrick Rivas opened the scoring quickly in the 5th minute, thrilling the home fans and stunning the Vikings. While Loudoun Valley tried to recover, Kevin Martinez scored again in the 11th minute, just moments before Quintanilla got his.

The Vikings settled down, but now they were well behind and had to push forward without front-runner Cooper Sayles, who was out with injury. Despited a valiant team effort, they simply could not get a consistent attack going and never truly threatened to score.

With Tony Lampe's 29th  minute goal making it 4-0 well before the first half ended, Park View could revert to a possession style and a defensive stance for the remainder of the contest. The Patriots executed that approach brilliantly and walked away with the region title.

Both teams advance to the state tournament, but perhaps more importantly they demonstrated true sportsmanship before and after the match as they met at midfield to recognize the events of the previous game. Fortunately, both players involved were present and on the mend.

Final Score: Park View 4 - Loudoun Valley 0

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